(Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out

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  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
  • (Warmachine) Privateer Press Warmachine Bag Standard Load Out
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Battle Foam is the official bag company of Privateer Press and has worked directly with the design team there to create the ideal storage solution for tournament players and collectors alike.

The Warmachine Bag can hold 13 inches (330 mm) of Privateer Press (PP) size foam trays (15.5W x 8.5L") or two stacks of 13 inches (330 mm) of Privateer Press Half size foam trays (8.5W x 7.75L").  The revolutionary design features many great options. Its rugged, black Ballistic Nylon exterior protects a hard plastic interior built for strength and durability.

The Privateer Press and Warmachine logos are clearly embroidered on the bag to help show off your colors. Areas on the bag allow for award medals to be hung and Velcro patches to be applied. Pockets and storage have been built with Hordes players in mind. A convenient area in the back of the bag will hold over 30 card sleeves. There are pockets for extra cards. Also included in the back area is a friendly place for 4 dry erase markers to mark your cards.

The trays in this load out option were designed with the staff from Privateer Press. Each tray has sections tailored to fit the most oddly shaped models. These trays will hold 105 small base models, 22 medium base models, and 24 large base models

The bag will hold 13 inches of foam. With this load out option, you will receive the following two trays:

  • 3x Warmachine/Hordes Small Troop Tray - 1.5 inch (38 mm) thick tray with 30x 2 x 1 1/4 inch (51 x 31 mm) cut outs and 5x 2 3/4 x 1 1/4 inch (69 x 31 mm) cut outs.
  • 1x Warmachine/Hordes Medium Troop Tray - 2 inch (51 mm) thick tray with 16x 2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inch (57 x 38 mm) cut outs and 6x 2 1/2 x 2 inch (64 x 51 mm) cut outs.
  • 2x Warmachine/Hordes Warjack Warbeast Tray - 2.5 inch (64 mm) thick tray with 12x 3 x 2 1/2 inch (76 x 64 mm) cut outs.
  • 4x Privateer Press Foam Toppers

Custom text is not available on the trays.

Custom text or logos are not available on the toppers. 

Tray Size - Privateer Press (15.5W x 8.5L" (394W x 216L mm)

Bag Dimensions - 17W x 11L x 14H" (432W x 279L x 356H mm)

No substitutions allowed.

(Card sleeves, markers, and cards not included)

Warning: The bag and foam designs are intellectual property of Battle Foam, LLC and are is protected by Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction of these designs is prohibited by Federal Law and is subject to criminal prosecution.

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9 Reviews

  • 4
    Good quality, though not quite enough for cryx

    Posted by Kirk Bushell on 11th Jul 2016

    Overall really love the bag - the quality seems pretty good (some slight issues with zips), and there's plenty of space. The bag straps however are really not that great and I'm surprised they have absolutely no padding on them, especially considering how spiky there are. Can't imagine wanting to carry it on my shoulder for very long... I got the bag with the standard loadout, and I have to say that the jack slots just aren't quite big enough, particularly for cryx heavies (all their spikes and stuff). I've had to cut out some areas or modify them to fit specific warjacks, and I find that annoying. Overall though, I do like the bag and I'm glad I've purchased it. I also really like its modular nature, making it very easy to extend with more specific trays should I need them in future. Battle Foam says: Thank you for taking the time to review the Privateer Press Warmachine, Standard Load Out. Please find ordering link for more specific, Standard Warmachine PP Full trays: http://uk.battlefoam.com/privateer-press-full-15-5w-x-8-5l/ We also offer a Custom Design service if you would like to create a unique solution for your models: http://uk.battlefoam.com/custom-custom-foam-tray-for-privateer-press-bags-pp/ You can design your PP tray with our Custom Tray Creator: http://uk.battlefoam.com/custom-tray-creator/ Here is an ordering link for our padded shoulder strap: http://uk.battlefoam.com/battle-foam-shoulder-pad/ Please let us know if you have any questions Thanks again! Battle Foam UK

  • 4
    Good product

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Oct 2015

    I'm satistfied. Good product. Good delay :)

  • 5
    Bring your entire house with you !

    Posted by Sylvain RUCHOT on 25th Jul 2014

    That bag is really cool ! You can easily bring two 50pts lists with you and all your gaming accessories ! There space for everything ... just missing a cofee machine !

  • 5
    What a Bag!!!

    Posted by Oli.S. on 10th Aug 2012

    I like this Bag!! i tried out a few but i must say this bag is the best, gives enough room for a nice army and the quality is awsome..will soon get me one more of these fantastic bags!! great job!! thumbs up!!

  • 5
    Great bag, highly recommended!

    Posted by Andy C on 10th Jul 2012

    This is a fantastic product. Large enough to carry 250-300 or so points worth of models with the standard loadout. High quality foam and tight internal packing method offers great protection for 99% of the models in the range. Outer construction of the case is durable and resistant and of a high quality. Shoulder strap and all stitching is of good standard. There is also enough space for rulebooks, tokens, dice, cards, pens, pretty much everything you could ever need for a WM session at the club, shop or house. My only recommendation is be cautious that the "Standard loadout" will not easily accomadate the newer PP models such as Battle Engines and Collosals, for this you would need to get "custom loadout" foam. All in all, a top quality product well worth the money. Highly recommended!

  • 5
    Solid, reliable, fashionable, adaptable

    Posted by Gregoire on 4th Jun 2012

    A very good product indeed. You'll have enough foam for half of your army (if you have everything in the range) and nothing will get broken or bent. Foam is really protective and really light to carry. The bag is really tough and apart from stabbing it to deat with a cutter, it will do what you ask from it : protect your minis in the train, the car, the bus and even (if your plane company is not made out of stupid people) in the plane. For the sake of it, put also your books in it, they willget out of there mint as new. I also have the P3 Bag est they attach to each other really easily. I'm now on my way to buy the Big one with wheels to attah everything together (and that way all my cryx will fit (including one colossal and one battle Engine).

  • 5
    Best bag

    Posted by Dusan Petras on 22nd Feb 2012

    Absolutely awesome bag, fits all the models in such efficient way, so you do not have to carry around multiple bags.

  • 5
    Good place to start for beginners!

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Feb 2012

    Just started playing Warmachine and this bag is the perfect solution for not only transporting your army but also a good means of storage for your growing collection. Plus with all the extras you have to carry (cards, markers, dice, tape, etc) this is definitely worth it!

  • 5
    Best bag I have ever had!

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2012

    I have tried out a lot of different ways to transport my army - this is by far the best I have found!

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