Trade Bags

The Battle Foam® Trade In Program

We are offering for the first time ever in the miniature industry a bag trade in program. Tired of those old bags from yesteryear? Sick of ripped foam and bags that don't last? Do you need a bag system that can grow with your army and fit all your minis?  

Battle Foam® now has the answers.  

The Battle Foam® trade in program is simple. You send us your old hard cases, bags, and foam from the list below, and we give you credit to use towards our new Battle Foam® bags and foam. That means that you can get rid of your old unwanted bags for new Battle Foam® products.

 This is how it works.

 1. Find your bag from the approved list below. (Only bags from the list qualify for trade)

 2. Add up the total value from the list and fill out the simple trade in form. Get Form Here

 3. Select the products you want from the Battle Foam® Store.

 4. Package your bags, cases, and foam and ship them to the address below.  Don't forget to include your shipping receipt so you can get credit for S/H.

          Battle Foam® 

          Attn: Bag Trade In Program

          Unit 17 Parkside Centre

          Temple Farm Industrial Estate

          Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 5SJ UK

 5. Print out a copy of your tracking information and trade in form for your records.

6. One of our customer service reps will call to confirm that we received your package.

7. We add up your credit, charge the difference and ship out your new Battle Foam® bag and foam.

That's it!

It may sound a bit hard at first, but it's a breeze once you get started.

Once your package arrives at our warehouse, a friendly customer service rep will contact you to go over your order. This is the time to make changes or additions to your custom load outs.

Below is a list of approved bags and cases that will be accepted for the trade in program. Please check this list before shipping anything out to us.  

Only APPROVED bags will be accepted, so please do not ship items that are not on this list. Bags or cases that are not approved will not be returned and no credit will be issued.

We cannot be responsible for shipping costs on bags that are not on the approved list.



SD Bags

Platoon                                Trade In Value - £7.00 each

Mark II                                Trade In Value - £19.00 each

Motor Pool                          Trade In Value - £19.00 each

Battalion                             Trade In Value - £19.00 each

Division                               Trade In Value - £35.00 each

Please note that SD bags do need to have their foam included to get full value. We will accept the foam in any condition. This includes ripped and damaged foam.

GW Hard Cases

Small Hard Case             Trade In Value - £14.00 each

Large Hard Case            Trade In Value - £38.00 each

Please note that GW hard cases do need to have their foam included to get full value. We will accept the foam in any condition. This includes ripped and damaged foam.


KR Multicase Cases

Aquilla                                 Trade In Value - £5.00 each

K-Lite                                  Trade In Value - £10.00 each

Aluminum                            Trade In Value - £12.00 each

Kaiser                                  Trade In Value - £12.00 each

Backpack                             Trade In Value - £21.00 each

Prestige                               Trade In Value - £52.00 each

Please note that KR Multicase cases do need to have their foam included to get full value. We will accept the foam in any condition. This includes ripped and damaged foam.



The trade in credit you receive can be used on anything from our store. The following information will explain your credit once a total order amount has been reached. The amount of credit issued will depend on the items traded in and the total amount of Battle Foam® products ordered at the time of trade in. Multiple orders cannot be combined to reach higher totals.


Order Amount of £70.00 or more.              £10.00 trade in credit

Order Amount of £100.00 or more.            £14.00 trade in credit

Order Amount of £140.00 or more.            £25.00 trade in credit

Order Amount of £180.00 or more.            £35.00 trade in credit

Order Amount of £215.00 or more.            £45.00 trade in credit

Order Amount of £285.00 or more.            £55.00 trade in credit

Order Amount of £355.00 or more.            £65.00 trade in credit 

Order Amount of £700.00 or more.            £75.00 trade in credit




This whole trade in program would not work unless our customers got some kind of credit for their shipping charge for sending in their bags and cases. Battle Foam® will refund up to £10.00 in shipping charges as long as a receipt is included with the packing slip. Only ground packages will be accepted. Please do not ship express.



  1. Only cases and bags from the approved list will be accepted.

  2. Shipping refunds will only be given with proof of shipping receipt.

  3. Please ship everything ground. We will not accept any other type of packages.

  4. Please allow 2 weeks from the time you ship your package for processing.

  5. Once an order has been received and processed it cannot be cancelled.

  6. Bags and hard cases need to be in good working order without major damage.

  7. We reserve the right to refuse and return any package at the shipper's expense.


Q & A


Q:        Do my bags or cases need to be new to trade in?

A:        No, we accept used as well as new cases and bags for trade credit.


Q:        Do I also need to include my foam inside the case when I send it in?

A:        Yes, we do require the foam to be included in the case.


Q:        How will I know you received my package?

A:        Within 2 weeks from the time you shipped a customer service rep will contact you regarding your order. You can also track your package using the carrier you shipped with. 


Q:        What does my package need to include when I ship it out?

A:        You must have your Packing Slip (Get Form Here), your case or bag, and foam.


Q:        Will you be reselling the used bags on your site or online after you receive them?

A:        No, trade in bags will not be resold on the Battle Foam® site or any other site.


Q:        What if my bags get damaged when they ship to you?

A:        Battle Foam® will do our best to help you file a claim with your shipper for a full refund of your shipping costs and damaged product.



Q:        Can I send in more then one bag per order?

A:        Yes, you can send in as many bags as you would like for credit. Your credit will be awarded depending on your amount spent with us.      


Q:        If I still have questions, what do I do?

A:        If you still need information please call us.  We are here to help.