Ryan's Hobby Hangout Darkoath Army Set and 40k Combat Patrols May 2024

Ryan's Hobby Hangout Darkoath Army Set and 40k Combat Patrols May 2024

Hey there, Battle Foam fans, my name’s Ryan and I’ve been a miniatures/wargaming nerd since I was 12 years old. One of my many roles here at Battle Foam is building all the new releases from Games Workshop, Asmodee and many other gaming companies so we can create miniature storage. Every week I’m building some new release, and thought I’d add my two cents out into the community. Here I’d like to highlight some of my favorite aspects of building, maybe some things that grind my gears as well as some hobby tips for building each release.

This week we’re building a few recent sets from GW including some updated Combat Patrols as well as the new Darkoath Army Set for Age of Sigmar.

All the building this week was very standard, no massive problems with any of the kits, which was a nice change of pace. Something peculiar is the fact that the Adeptus Custodes Combat Patrol refresh removed the jet bikes and added more infantry. This makes me wonder if they are building these lists for variety, or to dump slower selling sprues. Having a vehicle or a bigger set piece even in the form of the Venatari would have been nice. The Orks refresh at least had the Squighog Boyz!

Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary this week, though I did notice something odd in the Slaves to Darkness: Darkoath box. In the beginning of the build guide, there’s a small section where you can check all the different base sizes available in the kit. When I got to the mounted units, I noticed the book suggests that the kit should have come with 60x40mm bases, but it seems the kit came with 60x35mm ovals. Seeing this, I was unsure if GW had sent the wrong ovals, or if they had updated the design of the box after printing all the guides, most likely the latter.

Well, that’s all for now. Swing in next week for even more Hobby Bloggin’!

17th May 2024 Ryan Battle Foam

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