Ryan's Hobby Hangout Old World Orc & Goblin Tribes with 40k Kroot April 2024

Ryan's Hobby Hangout Old World Orc & Goblin Tribes with 40k Kroot April 2024

Hey there, Battle Foam fans, my name’s Ryan and I’ve been a miniatures/wargaming nerd since I was 12 years old. One of my many roles here at Battle Foam is building all the new releases from Games Workshop, Asmodee and many other gaming companies so we can create miniature storage. Every week I’m building some new release, and thought I’d add my two cents out into the community. Here I’d like to highlight some of my favorite aspects of building, maybe some things that grind my gears as well as some hobby tips for building each release.

This week we’re building The Orc and Goblin Tribes Box Set for Warhammer: The Old World, as well as the new Kroot Hunting Pack set for Tau in 40k. Personally, I’m glad to see Kroot finally getting some well-deserved love. Now, if only GW would do the same for Vespid. I especially liked how they gave you four models that could potentially be the leader of the squad, giving you the option for different leaders, so all of your units don’t look so cookie cutter.

Being able to build these kits side by side has really given me an appreciation for how far miniature making has come in the last 20 to 25 years. Not to say anything bad about Oldhammer models, but the new stuff is so great with how dynamic some of the poses can be, and with such high quality. Everything went together quite well, and I had practically no issues with either kit, practically….

There were a couple of things about the Orc and Goblin Tribes set that irked me a bit but were easy to overcome. The chariots were a little difficult when it came to connecting them to the hogs. I found it easiest to glue the hogs in the base, then glue the main chariot body to hogs before putting on all the braces and connections. Also, with the Boyz, I found the one with the big, spiked club, made it difficult for all the models to fit rank and file unless the club was over the boyz’ heads, so I made that change and all fit fine afterwards. Just a word of warning when you are building and don’t want to find out after you are putting your Orcs onto a movement tray.

Not much going on this week, everything came out great and by the book. Swing by next week for some more Legions Imperialis releases, as well as Kill Team and Warcry! Look Below for Links to the Trays we Made!

25th Apr 2024 Ryan Battle Foam

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