To Sale or Not To Sale

To Sale or Not To Sale

My Dear Battle Foam Customers,

Your Foamy Overlord is here with another Battle Foam Blog filled with insight and adventure. As you may or may not know, Battle Foam started back in January of 2009. Being the only employee, I quickly forced my lovely wife to quit her job and join me on this crazy idea. Soon after Battle Foam went viral, and the rest is history.

As a strong-armed Overlord, I always believed sales of any type would damage the value of a business. I looked at brands like Ferrari, Rolex, Gucci, Apple, and similar high-end brands. Those companies never have sales on new items and rarely care what people think of discounts or deals. They stick to the concept that if they make a good product, customers will pay regardless of price.

In some ways that totally makes sense to me. High-end items cost more because they require better materials, better production for an overall superior finished product. Those are qualities my team and I strive for daily. However, I also understand everyone loves a good sale or discount. Deals are fun and make you feel like you got a little something extra for your dollar.

So as an owner and creator of products at Battle Foam, I debated this exact point for years. Not only did my wife and CFO suggest we offer discounts, but our customers requested them. It took years until Battle Foam had its first sale. As a company, we didn’t hold a sale on any of our products until November of 2013 almost 4 years after the company launched. When I look back on that I find it crazy that I was able to win an argument with my wife for almost 4 years. That alone is something rarely seen in any marriage regardless of what is on the table.

Now let us move forward to 2021 and how Battle Foam has grown and listened to its customers. As the Foamy Overlord of our company, I found that everyone who loves Battle Foam loves it regardless of price. Fans and customers just want high quality goods to protect their minis, and we provide that. Knowing this I realized years ago that offering our awesome customers discounts just made sense. Giving great people a break on price was not something negative but a huge positive for the company and our growth.

So not only did we start having normal sales over the past several years, but we included great discounts for special people. If you are or were in the military, you can get 15% off. First responders receive a 15% discount, and our VIP Club program gives every member 5% off daily plus on all sale discounts as an added bonus.

The most exciting part about the current mindset at Battle Foam is that rewarding our customers will always result in rewards for us. For that reason, we have now created five sales that will happen every year going forward. Here is a list of those:

  • -The Battle Foam VIP’s SALE (for VIP Club Member’s) – February
  • -The Battle Foam Spring Sale – March
  • -The General Baggy 1 Day Birthday Sale – May
  • -The Battle Foam Mega Summer Sale – July
  • -The Battle Foam Black Friday Sale – November

What an awesome way to save on your miniature storage with regular annual sales. Everyone can plan accordingly to always save on their purchase. Maybe joining the VIP program makes the most sense for you. Maybe just saving up for a large annual purchase during the Mega Black Friday Weekend Sale in November fits better.

Regardless of what you decide the winds of chance have taken shape. Battle Foam is a company for the people, and we always put suggestions and recommendations at the top of our list. Our customers will always come first for us and we hope we can continue to earn your trust for years to come.

Be kind, be safe, and be mindful.

The Foamy Overlord


Battle Foam

26th Mar 2021 Romeo (Foamy Overlord)

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