Daughters of Khaine Large Model Foam Tray (BFL-4.5)

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  • Daughters of Khaine Large Model Foam Tray (BFL-4.5)
  • Daughters of Khaine Large Model Foam Tray (BFL-4.5)
  • Daughters of Khaine Large Model Foam Tray (BFL-4.5)
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Currently only available through our US Warehouse.  Pay an extra £11.25 for shipping and handling and product will be shipped from the US to UK warehouse and combined with the rest of your order.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

This tray will hold the Cauldron of Blood, Bloodwrack Shrine, Morathi the Shadow Queen, Morathi High Oracle of Khaine or similar size models.

Custom text is not available on this product.

4.5 inch (114 mm) thick tray.

Tray Dimensions - 15.5W x 12L x 4.75H" (394W x 305L x 121H mm)

(Models are not included with the purchase of this tray)

Disclaimer: Battle Foam® and its products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Games Workshop, Ltd in any way.  If models are pictured, they are for size comparison only and are the personal property of Battle Foam employees.

Warning: This foam design is intellectual property of Battle Foam® and it is protected by Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction of this design is prohibited by Federal Law and is subject to criminal prosecution.

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