Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out

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  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
  • Malifaux Bag Standard Load Out
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The Malifaux Bag is great for carrying all of your gaming needs. The bag features a two part system that allows a compartment for all of your models and a separate area for two fate decks, soul stones, player cards, dry erase markers, and both rule books.

The Malifaux Bag comes with pre-loaded foam designed to fit the unique models in the Wyrd Miniatures range. Each bag will have the following foam trays included with your purchase:

  • 1x 2.5 inch (64 mm) thick Pluck Foam tray to handle large models and unique shapes.
  • 1x 1.25 inch (32 mm) thick tray with 32x 2 x 1 inch (51 x 25 mm) cut outs.
  • 1x 1.25 inch (32 mm)  thick tray with 21x 2 x 1 1/4 inch (50 x 32 mm) cut outs, 8x 2 1/4 x 1 1/4 inch (57 x 32 mm) cut outs and 1x 3 x 1 1/2 inch (76 x 38 mm) cut outs.

The bag will hold 5.75 inches (146 mm) of foam.

Custom text is not available on the foam trays.

Tray Dimensions - 12.5W x 10.5L" (318W x 266L mm)

Bag Dimensions - 12.5W x 10.5L x 7H" (318W x 266L x 178H mm)

No substitutions allowed.

Warning: The bag and foam designs are intellectual property of Battle Foam® and are is protected by Copyright Laws. Unauthorized reproduction of these designs is prohibited by Federal Law and is subject to criminal prosecution.

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6 Reviews

  • 4
    A Really Great Bag!

    Posted by Kyle Beachy on 22nd Sep 2016

    Very happy with my new Malifaux bag! I feel that it comes with too much foam, I tested it with other trays I had from the PACK C4 and 5.5" of foam fits much better. I love the compartments for token and cards, but wish the pockets were just a little bigger to allow for cards in toploaders (minor gripe)! There is plenty of room in this bag, I can carry several skirmish games at the same time and it also fits a full 75 point WarmaHordes army! Thanks Battlefoam!

  • 3
    Organisation at last

    Posted by Ian James lacey on 18th Feb 2016

    I already have transport cases so why did I buy a bespoke Malifaux bag? To get the figures, cards, tokens, and rule books all squared away in a case that is quite easy to carry and store. I do not plan on buying many mMalifaux miniatures so this one purchase should suffice for many years to come.

  • 5
    A good quality product.

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2015

    An excellent product quality. The writing is stiched, not printed. Sponges are divided in an excellent way. I bought this item for a gift and I am very satisfied.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jul 2015

    Love these bags, I now have 2 of them and 2 others from the P.A.C.K range, my favourite army carrying solutions ever.

  • 4
    Very good bag

    Posted by Furio on 15th Dec 2014

    The second bag I have bought from battlefoam(the first being a FOW bag) whilst I am 100% happy with the flames of war bag, I feel that this bag despite being very good has a couple of small let downs.. 1) The foam really has to be stuffed to fit inside the bag, and as such it makes me doubt how long the corners will take to wear out. 2. No protecting layer for the top layer of models, only the material of the bag, whilst I'm not a great painter so don't need to protect amazing paint jobs, this does still produce some worry about paint chipping. However despite these minor complaints I would still recommend the bag to other Malifaux players.

  • 5
    6 Masters later and i still have space!

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd May 2012

    If you are a regular Malifaux player or a henchman who's promoting Malifaux, it should be a crime not have this bag to carry around everything you need for a game of Malifaux! it holds, both expansion books, the mini-rulebook, all the cards of my 6 Masters, 2x Tape measures, marker pens, soulstones and 2X Fate Decks. May seemed the bag is going to explode but no, instead it fits very well and i still amaze people by how much i can cram into such a small bag without getting the books and cards, bent, damaged, etc. As for the models... Brilliant, perfect solution to carry a whole variety of models, from small infantry models to big Monsters that sit comfortably in the pluck foam. The medium is used for those special case infantry models that are either a bit fragile to fit in with the normal infantry or for models that are a little larger than the average infantry model. Great bag, great job BattleFoam!

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