New Shapes Added to the Custom Tray Creator for May

New Custom Shapes are live on the Battle Foam CTC.

If you are a gamer and need a special foam load out then look no further.

The Battle Foam Custom Tray Creator allows you to design the perfect foam tray for your personal army.

This month we release over 60 new shapes that can be found only on the Battle Foam Custom Tray Creator.

See the list below for some of the many new additions.

Age of Sigmar Endless Spells

Dreadful Visage

Wheels of Excruciation

Mesmerising Mirror

Fane of Slaanesh

Age of Sigmar Slaanesh Shapes

Fane of Slaanesh

Contorted Epitome Standing & Laying

Syll’esske The Vengeful Allegiance Standing & Laying

Infernal Enraprutess Standing & Laying

Keeper of Secrets Standng & Laying

Shalaxi Helbane Standing & Laying

Universal Keeper of Secrets & Shalaxi Helbane Laying

Dust 1947 Shapes


IOSEF / Karl / Sergei / Evgeny / MAO



Avatar of Cthulhu




Privateer Press Monsterpocalypse Shapes

Defender X Standing & Laying

Sky Sentinel Standing & Laying

Terra Khan Standing & Laying

Armodax Standing & Laying

Krackenoctus Standing

Zor-Raiden Standing & Laying

Zor-Maxim Standing & Laying

Gorghadra Standing & Laying

Rogzor Standing & Laying

Hammerklak Standing & Laying

Brewgrosh Standing & Laying

Yasheth Standing & Laying

Cthugrosh Standing & Laying

Deimos-9 Standing & Laying

Ares Mothership Standing

30MM Small Base for Units

Universal Tall Building Laying

Universal Medium Building Laying

Universal Small Building Laying

Universal Large Monster Laying

Universal Small Monster Laying

Universal Building Standing

With thousands of shapes already loaded and ready to use everyone can design the ideal storage solution.Start designing today.
Battle Foam
Protecting Your Army 
14th May 2019 Romeo Filip

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