New Site Look to Make Protecting those Minis Easier!

New Site Look to Make Protecting those Minis Easier!

One of the main goals for any seller of goods or services is to make the purchasing process as easy as possible. From a lemonade stand taking credit cards, to fast food apps that get your order ready before you arrive, to having your favorite tooth paste delivered to your hotel room. Technology and efforts have made shopping much easier.

We at Battle Foam know this, and have spent a lot of our own effort making the buying process on our website easier. We started with our Custom Tray Creator (which I will cover in our next blog) and most recently, moved on to improving our website. With our new look, we made it easier to navigate, have more user-friendly aesthetics, and ease-of-life features shopping on mobiles and tablets as well. Below I wanted to break-down some of the new website features so we can highlight what is possible.

First, to review the new site look! If you have not visited Battle Foam recently, you might not notice, but the site has gotten quite a face lift. Some of the easily noticeable features are the graphics and look of the site, but there is a lot going on underneath the skin too. One major new feature is the ability to select how many products you see on a page. Before this was preset, but now you can see up to 100 per page.

The Search Bar is much easier to see, and starts loading products that much in real time. Feel free to type in a specific army or model name and you might be surprised what comes up!

The checkout process is also more streamlined and quicker to complete with new payment options, suggestions, and higher visibility.

You can now compare trays to look to see what might work best for your miniatures. This lets you see and remember what you are building in an easy snapshot as well!

Another big undertaking we started with the site is to make shopping for your specific game or army easier. For example, if you play 30k Horus Heresy and run Legio Custodes, you should easily be able to find the trays that work well for that army by using our Navigation Menu.

Our intent is to go through all game systems, 40k, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine. Infinity, Malifaux, Flames of War, X-Wing, Star Wars Legion, etc, and make each army page a one stop shop for all of your needs. Of course this will take time, but you can see the labor in 30k and Age of Sigmar already!

As we continue to expand the site features and try to make shopping our thousands of SKUs easier, I wanted to let you in on some future content we have planned. Our next big phase will be the release of our Battle Foam Boot Camp. We will be filming a lot of short videos to cover a wide variety of topics on the subject of, well, us! We get a lot of Frequently Asked Questions that we want to cover, as well as review features and categories we feel a lot of our Battle Foam Family might not even know about. These will go out through the interwebs starting soon, and continue as we see fit with new content. We also plan to continue to update our blog, which not only is much easier to see on our main page now, but intend to use it as a vehicle to share big news, new releases, and have instructional awareness content.

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to check out our New Items, and thank you to all of our VIP Members and everyone in the Battle Foam Family!

27th Sep 2019 Billy Battle Foam

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